84 Lumber VS. It’s A 10

My original plan for this weeks post was to talk about 84 Lumber’s ad that targeted Trump’s plan to build a wall on the border of Mexico and the US, but with that being the number one topic for every one else I decided to compare it with It’s A 10’s commercial. As much as 84 Lumber’s ad has a lot to talk about it was very blunt with it’s message which left it cut short on air and caused their site to crash. It’s A 10’s ad wasn’t as blunt and played it on the lighter side of political issues, including poking fun at Trump’s hair.

It’s A 10 did a superior job with their ad by talking about diversity and taking a hit at Trump without being obviously blunt, which I believe to be far more effective if you want an ad to make a political statement well still advertising your brand. Advertising is an investment just like any other, a good investment can make you money while a bad investment can cost money. Well I can’t fully say if 84 Lumber’s investment was good or bad right now, I am confident when I say that It’s A 10’s investment was a great investment.

84 Lumber’s ad story line made it look as if it was for illegal immigration and left the real message behind in the dust. Another problem with the ad was it was reworked and cut short due to it being to controversial. The final problem was that if you wanted to view the rest of the ad you had to go to 84 Lumber, which due to the massive volume of people that hit the site cause the site to crash. Well these are negative hits against the ad and to the company itself, you could argue that the controversy of the ad made it a success just by getting everyone talking about the company. Unfortunately people talking about it may not get it the return on investment the company was looking for.

It’s A 10 on the other hand based their ad off diversity by including a wide range of ethnicitiesboth people and hair. Their commercial got their message and brand across clearly in a effective manner. The black and white filter was a nice touch to create a monotone helping with the message about diversity by bringing everyone together as one and not as us and them.

While both companies messages were with good intentions, It’s A 10 was more effective with their commercial and a greater investment then 84 Lumber’s. I hope the outcome for 84 Lumber is a good one but only time will tell if theirs was a success or a flop.




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